On November 20, 1960, the St. John Baptist Church was organized in the home of Brother and Sister Lester Moore at 1016 N Madison, under the leadership of Rev. L.B. George, Pastor of the Mt. Zion Baptist Church and two of his fellow ministers—Rev. J.W. Wade and Rev. Vernon Spencer.

After organizing on November 20, 1960, a pastor was called—that being Rev. B.W. Lockett.  We were able to rent a school building known as the old Patton High School at 18th & N Hughes St. on May 1961, St. John moved to its present site.

In 1965 Rev. Lockett was called to another church in January 1966.  Rev. J.B. Thomas was called to shepherd us; under his leadership, St. John made progress but on December 29, 1968 God called Rev. Thomas home.

In March 1969, Rev. James Neal was called as our shepherd.  Under his pastorage the church grew so fast to a degree that his vision of building a new sanctuary became a necessary reality.

In the spring of 1983 ground for a new sanctuary was broken.  On December 4, 1983, we moved into this new sanctuary, worshipping and thanking God for the blessing.  During Rev. James Neal’s parsonage ministries flourish and grew.

In October 1984, the Lord called Rev. James Neal home leaving us again without a shepherd, so in March 1985 to February 1986, Rev. Richard Murray pastored the church, but God had other plans for Pastor Murray, so from March 1986 to October 1986 Rev Elgie Crow served as Interim Pastor until October 1986 when Rev. Grover Neal of Mt. Rose Baptist Church, Bastrop, Texas

On June 29, 2009, Pastor Neal was called home to be with the Lord, Ministers Ed Demerson, Darryl Hersey and Larry Rhea as Interim Pastor carried on leading God’s people.

After three years of praying and waiting on God, we were lead to call Anthony B. Harris in April 2012 as our new pastor. We are all witnessing some of what is to come for the future of the St. John Baptist Church and moving to the next level.

Under the leadership of Anthony B. Harris as of July 1, 2012: New ministries have been established here at St. John Baptist Church and in the community.

Also, we have expanded our worship services to Saturday 6pm & Sunday 8am

Through the teaching, education, workshops and trainings from Pastor Harris, St. John is learning to be better Christians, striving to make changes in our personal lives. Pastor Harris is moving St. John to new levels in the church and community.  As we go forward, it’s our prayer that we all become better Christians as we strive to make changes in our personal lives.

We praise God for our new growth in the past three and a half years which includes 114 new members and 64 baptisms.

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